Q  How can I honor my veteran? 

SOOOO happy you asked!  If a family member or friend has served in the military or is currently serving, we want you to honor your veteran!  Put their picture on your shirt, write their name on your arm, or honor them in whichever other creative way you choose!   Did you serve our country or are you currently on active duty?  Show us!  We want to honor you too!  We desire to honor those who have served us at the Honor Run, so please... proudly let us know, in whichever way you choose, who you are honoring on race day! 


Q Can we bring our child or dog?   

As far as your child goes, strollers are welcome! We do ask that you start towards the back of the pack.  The only exception is for those ridiculous stroller pushing superstars who somehow beat everyone, even with a gigantic extra load out front.  Your types may start toward the front, but due to jealousy, I will be talking about you under my breath.  NOTE: There is small portion of the course that is narrow and will only accommodate a single stroller, so double strollers WILL NOT WORK for this race.  As far as dogs go, there are a lot of places where dogs can hang out, but unfortunately this race isn’t one of them.  Sorry! 


Q  Will there be food?   

Food truck grub will be available for you to purchase after the race. Rumor has that even a food truck with ice cream will be there.


Q  Sooo...I registered, but now I can’t make it.  Can I get a refund? 

Sorry, friends.  We cannot offer a refund for a cancellation, but, because we’re really nice, we will let you give your race bib to someone else who wants to fill in for you during the race.  They will, however, be stealing your identity.


Q  The only running I do is to the refrigerator, so this event is probably not for me, correct? 

WRONG, compadre!  You can totally walk this course!  Get off your backside chub cushions and walk with your friends and family! Then...beer. Or pop.  Whatever you want.


Q  If we aren’t running the race, can we still get into the Brew Jam? 

Yes, you can still get into the event to groove to the funky, funky Jams and drink the mouth-watering brews, but there will be an entry fee if have not registered for The Honor Run.  The entry fee donation will be $5 if you are age 12-20 or $10 if you 21 or over.  This donation will pay for your cover to listen to the band and will include 1 drink ticket, valid for 1 beer, pop, or water.  Your small token entry fee will be used to support a worthy cause -- Honor Flight of Northeast Indiana. Remember...bring your lawn chairs or blanket for sittin' and chillaxin!


Q  Can I still run and listen to the funky, funky music if I am under 21?

Yep.  You may not be able to grow facial hair yet, but you can still come, run or walk, and enter the Brew Jam!  You cannot partake in the craft beer, because, well, laws.  But we will have pop and water available for you to drink with your drink tickets.


Q   Will there be water available on the course? 

Yes, there will be a water station for your drinking pleasure.  You can choose to drink it or throw it on someone. 


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